The Information Center welcomes all first-year students to the Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart – University of Applied Sciences. We will be happy to accompany you throughout your studies with our service and information offers.

To help you get started with your studies, we have compiled all important information about the services offered by the Information Center for you on this page:

Service and support overview of the Information Center

First things first

Access (HFT account)

Access / Login:

In order to use the services offered by the Information Center as well as many other IT services of the university, you almost always need an account (login) of the Hochschule für Technik.

Your login information for the IT systems of the HFT will be created no later than 3 working days after your successful enrollment. You can retrieve your login information from a notice the campus and application portal ( The login information consists of user name and password. It is mandatory to reset the password immediately (via

Without this initial password change, you will not be able to log into any other HFT IT system.

This is straightforward and you will be guided by the system (instructions).

The login details (username and password) for the following applications: Moodle, LSF, Confluence, Campus and Zoom account are the same as for your HFT mail account.

MFA Authentifizierung

Important note

For most HFT services and instructions, you will need to set up a multi-factor authentication!

You can only do this on site at the HFT!

See instructions:

Multifaktor authentifizierung

Zoom Account

If you need a Zoom account, you can log in to Zoom via SSO using you HFT email address and your university credentials (user name and password).

You can also find instructions under Zoom instructions

This will create your Zoom account and make it active right away.

Rules and regulations

Info and support of the Information Center (library and IT services)

If you have questions or problems concerning the library and the IT services of the university, the Info and Support Team of the Information Center will help you.

Service and Support Portal

Service and Support Portal of the Information Center (for university members with HFT account)


IT ServicesLibrary
Support pages / ContactIT-Support(general)Library Support / Library
Contact / E-mail addresses

Online Portals, IT Services and Library of the Information Center at a glance

IT services at a glance

Functions / TasksServiceInstructionSupport
  • E-mail communication
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Tasks

HFT mail account

E-Mail at the HFT Stuttgart

  • Multifactor authentication (is the prerequisite for a functioning VPN connection).

(The MFA can only be set up on site at the HFT).


Multifactor authentication per Smartphone App

Set up multi factor authentication via cell phone SMS

Login to the Campus VPN

  • Lecture schedule
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • Registration for exams
  • Inspection of grades

LSF (Campus-Management-System)

Help on LSF

  • digital learning material for the lecture
  • digital hand-ins and learning success checks
  • access to lecture recordings
  • study organization


Hilfe zu

  • Video conferencing for online lectures

Zoom (video conference)

Help with video conferencing with Zoom Docukmentation from Zoom .us
  • University Information
  • Instructions
  • Support

Confluence (Wiki-Informationsportal)

Hilfe for
  • Internet access
    • on the HFT campus
    • at other colleges and universities

Internet and WLAN




  • encrypted connection to the university network
  • web-based access to the network drives of the HFT Stuttgart
  • File-Sharing


  • Study information via smartphone
UniNowUNINOW - APP of the HFT
  • Printing, scanning and copying at the HFT


Printing, scanning and copying services for
  • PC rooms of the Information Center
PC-Pools IZPC rooms of the informations
  • Software for the private computer
    • MS Office

Download software

Microsoft Office 365

Bibliothek im Überblick

Links for your study start