The Information Centre welcomes all first-year students at the University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart (HFT). We will be happy to assist you throughout your studies with our services.

We have compiled all important information about the services offered by the Information Centre on this page in order to help you to start with your studies:

Service and support overview of the Information Centre

First things first

Access (HFT-Account)

Zugang / Login:

In order to be able to use the services offered by the Information Centre, you almost always need an account (login) of the university (Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart - HFT)

As soon as you have received a temporary password from student administration, you can retrieve your permanent account information for your HFT account via the following portal:

Further information on digital issuing of account information for the Department of Surveying, Computer Science and Mathematics can be found at:

It is strongly recommended to change the password immediately after receiving your personal account information (see instructions).

Zoom Account

You can get a Zoom account by logging in to Zoom via SSO using your HFT e-mail address and your HFT-account information. 

Your Zoom account will be generated and active.

There is a Zoom-Anleitung (german language introduction) in Confluence, we are working on a translation into english.

Rules and regulations

Please refer to the following rules and regulations of the Information Centre:

Info and Support of the Information Center (Library and IT Services)

If you have questions or problems concerning the library and the IT services of the university, the Info and Support Team of the Information Center will be happy to help you.

Service and support portal

Service and support portal of the information center (for university members with HFT account)


Support pages 

IT Support (general)

Library Support


IT online services Service area

Contact / E-mail addresses

Online portals, IT services and library of the Information Centre at a glance

IT services at a glance

Functions / TasksServiceGuidanceSupport
  • Lecture timetable
  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Registration for examinations
  • Viewing grades

LSF (Campus-Management-System)

Help to LSF

  • digital learning material for the lecture
  • digital hand-ins and learning success checks
  • Access to lecture recordings
  • Study organisation

Moodle(learning platform)

Help to
  • E-mail communication
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Tasks


E-Mail at HFT
  • Video conferencing for online lectures

Zoom (video conference)

Help to video conference with Zoom

Dokumentation from
  • University information
  • Instructions
  • Support

Confluence (Wiki information portal)

Help to
  • Internet access
    • on campus of the HFT
    • at other colleges and universities

Internet and WLAN




  • Encrypted connection to the university network
  • web-based access to the university network drives
  • File sharing, -sharing


Help to
  • Information on studying via smartphone
  • Printing, scanning and copying at the university


Printing, scanning and copying services for
  • PC rooms of the Information Centre
PC-Pools IZPC rooms of the Information
  • Software for your private computer
    • MS Office
    • Virus scanner

Software download

Microsoft Office 365

Library at a glance

Links for the start of the study